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Why is relpax the most expensive triptan on the planet?

So I have tried the rest of them and they either won’t work or I have weird reaction to them. I realize it might be like asking how stone hinge was built but I also thought someone might be able to shed some light on it.
I have given up getting Medicaid to pay for it and use a discount card program instead now but it’s still close to 100 dollars for 20 pills which is supposed to be a 3 months supply

  1. I'm sorry that it has come to that for you. I really believe that insurance issues are the biggest obstacle for most Americans in obtaining the medical assistance that they need. It is so frustrating. Even more frustrating is that the people who make the decisions about what to cover at the insurance companies (Medicaid included) do not have expertise in the medical areas that they are making decisions on. Unfortunately, they are not the only problem. The pharmaceutical companies are just as much as fault by making the costs so insanely high that many consumers cannot afford the expenses. So much work to be done in this area for the patients to get what they need when they need it.

    Just curious, as most insurance companies have a "step system" in order for medications to get covered. Do you know if you've met the requirements for that?
    ~Liz, Moderator

    1. I recently lost my parent’s insurance when they retired. I know I met the step requirements for it but I don’t know what else medicade could expect like I said I have tried every other triptan out. That was the step process for blue cross.

      Personally I think medicade used to be better before all of the county managed versions. It was harder to get on but they covered more.

      In November I will get Medicare through my parents benefits because of my disability ( CP wheelchair user) and then because I will have 2 types of insurance I can tell the managed medicade people they can jump in a lake and get back on the straight version

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