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When will this feeling go away?

Three weeks ago I had to put my dog to sleep and a few days after I seemed to get a migraines every other day. I haven't had a migraine now in almost two weeks but since then I've had this horrendous after feeling of being dizzy and sensitive to light and I have no focus. Sometimes my vision is is blurred. I've only ever had a migraine maybe once or twice a year up until now but I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever feel normal again. Nothing seems to help. I've been five three different types of triptans, anti inflammatories and anti sickness pills and I've had my eyes tested and was even admitted to hospital for two days. Had anyone ever had a similar experience where this lasts for so long? I'm new to this page and I'd really appreciate anyone's answers x

  1. Hi there kellymcmahon,
    Thanks so much for your question. I'd first like to say we are SO happy to have part of our community...welcome! Also, I am so terribly sorry to hear about your dog. As a big pet and dog lover especially myself, I know how difficult, emotional and hard it is to lose our furry friends.

    While many people living with migraine experience daily symptoms of migraine such as dizziness, light sensitivity etc., it is important to discuss what you are experiencing with your doctor. I understand you were admitted to the hospital and had your vision checked, it might be time to visit with a headache and migraine specialist if you have not done so already to rule out anything more serious. Have you received an official migraine diagnosis? You can read more about this here -

    Are you feeling any better since posting this question? I sure hope you being to experience some relief from these symptoms soon. Do keep us posted if you can on how you are doing.

    Take good care,
    Joanna ( Team)

    1. Hi Kelly,
      Several mos ago i was diagnosed by an ent and neurologist as hvg vestibular migraines. Thankfully I don't hv severe head pain but hv varying degrees of vertigo, fatigue, sometimes double vision, mental fog. Had brain mri, carotid artery ultrasound and ct angiogram. Failed 3 balance tests. I am hvg these daily. I read Heal Your Headache by dr david buccholz (amazon) where he strongly recommends a migraine diet. I tried it for 3 wks and episodes decreased a tiny bit. Am thinking I wasn't on it long enough to flush triggers out of my system---will try again. Topamax made me groggy, am now trying amitriptyline. Some folks hv success with various supplements. Next month i see an otoneurologist. I hope some of these ideas help as I know how debilitating these can be---it constantly feels as tho I'm on a rocking ship or spinning which makes driving impossible. Let us know how you do.

      1. I too was diagnosed with vertiginous migraines and it sounds like I have had much the same symptoms as bluebonnet. Amitriptyline reduced the vertigo however it made me so tired I was barely functional. Sadly, it has been almost three years and I have yet to find a treatment (diet, herbal or pharmaceutical) that has been effective. The good news is that the brain crushing, light sensitive migraines that I previously experienced are almost non-existent now. A lady I work with receives Botox treatment for her migraines (not vertiginous, but chronic) and she swears it is the most effective treatment she has experienced in 10 years.

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