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With what type of doctor have people had the most luck?

I have almost daily migraines of varying intensity. I think I may be having cluster headaches also. I am struggling terribly. The daily meds my headache specialist has tried so far have not helped or have made me unable to do my job. I'm sure there must be some underlying condition (s) triggering the headaches. Who can help me figure it out? My g.p. and neurologist are not interested in figuring out what's wrong with me and it's getting worse.

  1. I think I would find another Physician. There are too many good ones out there then to stick with a doctor that you have no trust in.

    1. We don't have Migraine Specialists in British Columbia. I do have a Neurologist who is the best. Very knowlegable man. Mctrish, has your doctor ordered a CAT Scan? Mine did that after the first visit. He ruled out other causes.

      1. If your current nuerologist isn't helping i would definitely look for recommendations from people in local social media/ blogs for a new one. I had a nuerologist for several years that is supposed to be a migraine specialist but i felt as though the dr was cold and treated my migraine like everyone else's. It got to the point where the nuro said to me," What do you want to do?" but didn't offer me any solutions as if I was supposed to know the treatments and next steps to take. I am not a dr and do not have the knowledge to treat myself otherwise I wouldn't be seeking help. Frustrated with no where to go with that dr... i started looking for a new nuero.The thought of having to get a new dr had me anxiety ridden bc i didn't know if I was going to end up in the same situation but it was worth it. I was really lucky to get a recommendation for a wonderful nuero that listens to me and is treating my migraine, not everyone's migraine. It's wasn't easy but sometimes the big changes help us more than hurt us. I wish you the best. Sending ghost hugs!

        1. Hi there ,
          Thank you for your question. I am so sorry to hear how much you are struggling to find effective care. Don't give up hope! While it may take some time, there are some great healthcare providers out there! Here are a few resources that may help you out in your search -

          We are all wishing you the best! -Joanna ( Team)

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