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Wondering about current doctor

Hi. Sorry this is long, lol. I guess I'm venting a little and also wondering if other people have doctors who react like mine when addressing treatment options?

My doctor is the headache director of West Penn Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I started seeing her last year (December 201😎 and had no complaints in the beginning. She is very nice, thorough in her examinations and explained things completely. I suffer from hormonal migraines (started after I had kids and got much worse after I entered early menopause). She thought the best treatment to try first was Aimovig (unfortunately, it didn't help at all and made my migraines much worse at the higher dose).

But my issue is when we were discussing this treatment in the office before I went on it, I asked her if this didn't work, what would be some possible treatment options we could try next? And she told me she didn't want to discuss them yet and we could discuss them as we need them. The more I think about that statement, the more pissed off I get ! I understand why she might not like to discuss a barrage of treatment options because some people would over research them and become "armchair doctors". But as a patient, I think I have a right to know which ones she might be looking to try with me so I can look into them and discuss them with her and why she thinks that one would work better than others she's mentioned.

Has anyone had their doctors react this way in appointments with them? Should I be looking for another doctor, in your opinion? Thanks !

  1. Hi dogmom419,

    I'm sorry your appointment didn't go well. I wonder if this was at the end of the appointment and she was running out of time? No excuse, I realize, but something to consider?

    Also, I've rethought my view when it comes to appointments. If the majority of them go well, great!! However, if there is one or two appointments that are "off" I chalk it up to the doctor being human. They also have bad days, just like we do!!

    I hope that makes sense!
    Wishing you a low pain day,

    1. Hi. Thanks for responding. I don't think it's just a bad day for her, I think that is her normal protocol with all her patients. I have been mulling over the possibility of finding another doctor, but don't like the thoughts of searching for a good migraine specialist again, since those seem to be so few and far between ! Thanks again !


      1. I hear you Tracy. I'm currently working with my 5th true migraine disease expert and am making progress.

        As hard as it is to find another expert, it may be well worth the time and energy!

        Let me know if you needs assistance,

    2. There are many doctors who still restict information from thier patients for a variety of reasons.

      Other doctors are moving to the more effective model of partnering with the patient. Patients are the experts of thier experience and often have more time to research than doctors.

      I have a had a few great doctors who worked this way with me and it was amazing! My care progressed with symptom management and a general improvement in mood from,empowerment.

      Unfortunately each of these doctors quit without notice.

      I have state-sponsored care that admonishes doctors who are progressive and pays them poorly while over working them. So, of coirse the good ones eventually quit.

      If you can, find a partner-provider.

      And if availible contact a Patient Advocate Officer to address your concerns about your current doctor.

      Communication between dr and ptnt is essential for wellness.

      Best to you!

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