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Wondering if I am suffering from migraines without the headache

So for the past year I have had these attacks. Twice, I had to go the emergency room. I have had many tests done and nothing has come up but with the symptoms I have, I believe I am suffering from migraines without the headache. I have talked to a couple of friends who says that it seems that I am suffering from migraines. I never had migraines before. When these attacks started I was 39 and I am now 40. I think the only person who have had migraines in my family is my grandmother.
So these are the symptoms that I have in like order but they come rather quickly:
Abdominal pain and diarrhea
Ringing in my ears(loud)
Dizziness to the point that I can’t stand
Vision becomes weird meaning it is like a combo of tunnel vision and major brightness
I also have been told that I lose all colour in my face

I never get a headache but have everything else.

These attacks have lasted 10min-2 hours. I need to be sitting down once they happen but lying down is the best.

I know that I get major fatigue after and will sleep up to 3 hours. Yes, even in the ER.

I can tell you that these attacks are not fun and even embarrassing when they happen outside of my home, which 50 percent have been. I know with my last one, the trigger was having very little sleep the night before. This is because of sleep insomnia and apnea, so I had like 3 hours of sleep.

I only get these attacks every 3-3 months.

My mom, who loves to research stuff, figured out that I was getting migraines. I then remembered that I have two friends who suffer from them but with the headaches so I told them what happens and both said that it looks like I am having migraine attacks.

So I am wondering if I have developed migraines in this past year? I see my doctor tomorrow and will discuss this possibility.

  1. Hi Brina78,

    Thank you for sharing your story with us. It is entirely possible to have a migraine attack without the headache phase. A migraine attack actually has four phases; prodrome, aura, headache and postdrome. Not every one will experience each phase. Let me share information with you on these phases;

    Please let me know how you made out at the doctor and we can go from there!


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