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Do you have a written treatment plan?

In the midst of a migraine, deciding what to take (otc med, pain med, rescue med, muscle relaxer, anxiety med, etc.) really stresses me out and makes things worse. I also don't always think to try an ice pack, massage, or even a nap. I want a "recipe" that tells me what to do so I don't have to think about it "in the moment".

  1. Yup but it doesn't work anymore :/

    Did it as part of our "self management" seminar through my headache clinic .... 3 pages long and covered meds, exercise, self talk, movement, nutrition, supplements, who to contact for help, and some other things I'm forgetting. I spilt mine into mild pain (2-4/10) moderate pain (5-7/10) and severe pain (8-10/10) But my pain has increased and I don't remember when the last time it was down to a 4/10. Thus I do have to push myself some days when I really need the rest because you have to eat .... but you need food in the house and energy to cook meals. It helped a huge amount when I was a bit lower in daily pain levels and definitely recommend making one. It was SOOOO nice to just have to read what to do when your head is pounding - also doesn't let you forget about all your other treatments - I would forget to try my essential oils, heat, ice etc along with the meds and this helped that.

    1. I always have a couple of rice packs in the freezer for my head. That way when one warms up I can switch it out. 😀 I should have brought one to work today! When I'm feeling up to it and cook I put some leftovers in the freezer. Easy to take out and reheat when in lots of pain.

      Good luck everyone. I do feel your pain. 😀

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