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Zaps and low blood pressure

I have been experiencing zaps since few months ago. I would describe them as lightning going at a fraction of a second on the left side of my head.I had an MRI last year,before the zaps,and everything was fine.No tumor,aneurysm,or stroke. I also have low blood pressure. I take midodrine as needed, not every day. I take sumatriptan and naproxen when I get the migraine.I'm highly allergic.I quit gluten and I was free of migraine for several months. Last November the migraine came back and I have headaches between 8- 11 days a month.I quit eggs last week and I haven't had a headache since last week.I have two questions :1. Have anyone experienced zaps? 2. Can low blood pressure a trigger for migraine? BTW, my neurologist told me that low blood pressure is not a trigger.I have to say the zaps are a little bit painful when they pass through the head.

  1. Hello Denali3,
    Thank you for posting in our forums. So sorry to hear about the zaps you are experiencing and that pain that it causes. You are definitely not alone in experiencing these symptoms with migraine. I thought you might be able to relate to an article on “lightning headaches” written by one of our moderators who lives with migraine. Also be sure to check out the comments under the article where communities members have commented on their experiences:
    It is hard to say for certain whether something or not is a trigger because it is quite different in every individual. As far as blood pressure, several blood pressure medications are actually used as a preventative for migraine. These medications lower blood pressure and for reasons that are still unclear to medical professionals, successfully reduce migraine in many patients. However, this is not to say that your low blood pressure isn’t setting something else off in your body that may be triggering your migraine. I encourage you to follow up with your doctor again about your concern.

    Feel free to post any more questions you might have!
    Jillian ( Team)

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