Finding My Place In Migraine Advocacy

One of the worst job interviews I’ve ever had was for a customer service/logistics position tech company that offered cloud solutions to enterprise, government, manufacturers, legal, retail and healthcare sectors. The fact that I had to just look this up to see what that meant foreshadows a lot.

Why did this job seem right for me?

I’ve had many jobs that made me think I was qualified to be in this space. I’ve had tons of customer service face-to-face experiences, I know how to schmooze and make clients happy, and I’m a terrific people person and have used Microsoft excel before.

It seemed like a perfect match.

This was a company that most people in my theater department went on to working at during my years at college. I may not have known what tech job I was applying for, but I knew that I wanted to be in the club that everyone else was in.

How did the interview go?

At the interview, the interviewee looked over my skimpy and unrelated past experiences and flat out asked me, “Why would you be fit for this job?” I said that I love helping people so I would be perfect for your customer service position. I then followed up by asking exactly what they do as a company.

Let’s just say I learned a lot about how not to interview for an office job. More importantly I learned that the skillset I was trying to force into this technical job profession didn’t fit into their mold, but it was something that I knew I wanted to pursue.

That part of me, the one that loves to fix everyone’s problems and help others in need to belong somewhere. Maybe not in the tech sector, but maybe in the migraine sector.

How have I been able to work with migraine?

Since joining as a writer, I’ve been able to connect with so many people that it makes my head spin. Not only have I been able to give real life migraine advice (mostly about taking to your doctor), but I’ve been able to connect to all of you, especially you reading this!

Migraine is something that we all fight through everyday. It can make us feel so lonely, laying there in the dark, just praying that the throbbing pain subsides and you can thoughts that won’t hurt again. That loneliness, though not totally, has definitely been impacted by my awareness of I feel like I’m a part of something. A part of a bigger whole. Not one that’s based on tech jobs selling microchips or something, just because my classmates work there. But it’s based in something that I have to give. No contorting here. It’s a place were I can connect and be the best and most understanding version of me there is. Someone who is helping people for the right reasons. Knowing that I’m not just helping others, but that they’re helping me in the process.

What has the community given me?

Migraine may make me feel alone, sometimes, but knowing that others are fighting this fight alongside me is a blessing that no amount of articles will be able to express.

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