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Aimovig: Community Feedback & Experiences

Many of our members that have tried Aimovig have been willing to share their personal experiences including side effects in our forum page dedicated to this topic. You can read all of these responses that appear below in more detail here and can join in on this topic by sharing your feedback as well.

Here is a summary of some of the responses from those that have tried Aimovig.

What have those who've seen improvement said?

"I’ve only had one month of injections, but if things continue going the same way, this will change my life. It took about 5-6 days for my everyday migraine to subside after the first dose."

"My neurologist had me stop the Botox and the Topamax, and I did – it turns out the second Aimovig injection still worked great, but I wasn’t completely headache free. So I got the Botox again, and a week later, after it kicked in, I’m good. If I do get another headache, he said he might start me on Topamax again. I am always concerned about starting new drugs, but this really has been amazing for me. Zero side effects, and I’m the queen of side effects, so big thumbs up from me."

"This drug seems to be a miracle. Now getting it is not easy, but you CAN get it. You need a neurologist or headache specialist preferably to prescribe it. They can get you started with the two-month free trial. (Getting the second dose has been dang near impossible - there must be a shortage). Go to the Aimovig website and sign up for the copay card. Find a pharmacy that can order it, and even if your insurance doesn’t offer any hope of coverage (mine does not), use the “bridge to insurance” option to get 12 months free. It is a bear to get it, but so worth it!!!"

"I have daily severe, intractable migraines. My first two Aimovig injections were 70mg. While the severity of my migraines decreased, I never had even one migraine-free day. So for my third injection, we bumped up to 140mg. No change. I was ready to throw in the towel, but my doctor urged me to give it one more try, and boy, am I glad he did! Had the injection last Friday and have been migraine-free ever since, which is nothing short of a miracle."

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"I think the drug might actually be working. My pain level has been 0-5, with most leaning toward the low end. Prior to Aimovig, it was 8-19 every damn day. Hope I didn’t just jinx myself!!"

"12 days since two shots of Aimovig, and I’ve only gotten 2 migraines! That’s great for me. I feel like migraines are trying to start, but then they never do."

"I had a bad migraine with the 70 mg. No side effects. Happier with the higher dose. Time will tell."

"I am on month 2 of Aimovig. During the first month, I only saw a small improvement in my daily migraines. This month I have had much better results!! I can’t say I have been headache free yet (I have had a daily headache for over 2 years), But I can say that I am feeling much better than I have in 2 years!"

"This is the first preventive drug that has ever worked for me. Definitely give it 30 days, if not 60, if you can."

 "I’m almost 3 months in with Aimovig and have gone from 12-15 migraines a month to zero (3 if you count a few mild instances that cleared within 12 hours). I didn’t think Botox was helping much before Aimovig and suspect dropping the Botox would have little effect, but another part of me wants to change nothing while I’m getting such relief."

What have those who've seen no change said?

"I have had NDPH/ chronic intractable migraine for 5.5 years. I had 2 of the 70mg injections as part of the trial and just had my third dose 4 days ago, which was the first time had 140mg. Still zero benefit. If this doesn’t work, the next might, or a different anti-CGRP med might work."

"I’m two weeks past my third 140 mg dose and no changes to my chronic migraines symptoms, which are daily. I recognize the clinical research identified that improvements may not be experienced until after the fourth dose, but my side effects are escalating with each dose."

"I just had my 2nd treatment of Aimovig a few weeks ago, and absolutely no change. I’m having them worse than ever! I am also itching terribly. I mentioned this to my neurologist, and she said even though it’s listed as a lesser-known side effect, none were reported in trials, so it’s not the Aimovig."

"I’m officially done with Aimovig, and boy, do I regret taking that last injection! I’m daily severe intractable, so I’m pretty damn desperate...I’m on week 6 of going off and still, triptans don’t work at all. Plus, I’m back to 14-hour migraines every day."

"I have had three doses with no improvement (plus side effects) and am strongly considering not continuing with the fourth dose."

"The lst dose of 70 did not do anything. Two weeks ago, I had the 2nd injection, and then a few days after that had yet another round of Botox as my neurologist thought the double punch might help…nope, nothing."

"It’s only been two months, but I think I’m one of the people it doesn’t work for, at least not at the 70mg dose. I’ve had worse migraine pain since starting it than usual and no noticeable reduction in migraine days."

"I only tried one injection of Aimovig, and it gave me awful side effects...I also have fibromyalgia, but the injection made it 10 times worse on a daily level. Plus, I experienced constipation, which I can’t afford…even with stool softeners. My doctor decided that it was not for me."

"I was using Botox and getting relief for about 3 months after the injection, then the migraines would reappear. I switched to Aimovig in July. It worked well until October. Now the migraines are back."

What Aimovig side effects have some experienced?

"I have experienced mild stomach queasiness, dizziness, and even vertigo-like symptoms, as well as extreme lethargy – beyond what is “normal” for me as someone with chronic illness."

"I have been having terrible side effects since my first shot a few days ago. Dizziness, nausea, insomnia, and worst of all, the worst migraines of my life every day."

"I haven’t noticed any side effects from Aimovig, and seems to be the first solution in my 30 years of migraines. Weather (pressure) change is my trigger."

"I, too, am experiencing muscle aches and profound fatigue."

"I have had no side effects after 2 weeks."

"I have always had muscle pain (neck, shoulder, traps) associated with my migraines. However, since starting the Aimovig 2 months ago, my muscle pain has been unbearable."

"I’ve had three injections. The only thing I’ve noticed – and I’m not sure if it’s a coincidence or side effect – my joints are stiff and ache all over."

"Approximately 3 minutes following the 1st injection of Aimovig (in my right thigh), my lips from the midline to the right went numb and tingled as did my right shoulder."

"My body had a severe response to Aimovig. My immune system recognized the drug as a poison and made antibodies to destroy the drug."

"The first 24 hours, I felt light-headed from time to time. Has not recurred since. My headaches have gone from 15-20 headache days/month to 5-6 days/month. I’m on the 70mg dose."

"Have not been able to sleep at all since the injection and constipation as well."

"My triptans stopped working since taking the Aimovig."

What have your experiences been?

How about you? Have you tried Aimovig? If so, we'd love to hear your feedback & experience.

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