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Back-to-School Migraines

Are you counting down the days until the kids are back in school?

Many parents crave that time when the kids are on the bus, and there is finally a moment of peace and quiet in the home. But the road to get there can be stressful and therefore leave you more susceptible to a migraine attack. So how can you get your family ready for this next school year without leading to a migraine?

As we know, there’s no magic formula for avoiding migraines, but there are some best practices that can help to set you up for success in reducing your chances. Let’s take a look.

Get a game plan

The starting point of any plan is to have a plan. What needs to be done to prepare your kids for the school year?

  • What clothes do they need? Make a list of specific items versus telling yourself that Sarah needs “all new clothes this year.”
  • Do they need new shoes?
  • What specific school supplies do they need?
  • Do you need to register them in sports, dance, art, or any other activities?

You get the idea. Basically, get all the to-dos running through your head down on paper or in a notes app on your phone. It can help calm your mind, knowing that everything is captured on a list so that it won’t be forgotten.

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Start early

The earlier you start making this list – and crossing off the items – the less stressful it will be because you won’t have the added pressure of running out of time.

Starting earlier will also help you shop when the school supplies are actually in stock at the store. It’s a lot easier to make one trip to the store to cross everything off your list when the stores just stocked their shelves with all the necessary supplies.

You could even skip the stores altogether and shop online. But again, don’t delay this process, assuming that you’ll be able to get an overnight Amazon delivery.

Remember, this is all in an effort to reduce stress and therefore avoid a migraine. Start shopping early and enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your family has everything they need for that first week of school.

Make it a team effort

Speaking of family, let’s bring them into the plan too. If the back-to-school preparations have fallen exclusively on you in the past, it’s time to change that.

Everyone needs to get involved to whatever level is appropriate for their age. Look at your list, assign whatever tasks you can, and post it so everyone can see their role. This should be a best practice for running the house overall, but it’s definitely important with busier times like back to school.

Let go of expectations

Last but not least, let go of any expectations of things being picture-perfect. You don’t need a custom-made sign for your child’s back-to-school picture. They don’t even need a sign! Snap a photo in front of the door and wish them well on their first day of school.

It’s important to recognize that in addition to being a parent, you’re managing the chronic pain of migraines. That is not easy. It’s downright hard and dreadful some days. So, give yourself some grace and remind yourself that you’re doing your best to protect your health and be the parent you want to be.

Please tell us below. How do you best manage the stress – or chaos – of back-to-school preparations? We welcome all the suggestions because nobody wants the extra stress of adding a migraine to the mix.

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