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The Below the Surface Benefits of Staying Hydrated

The idea that drinking a glass of water can help you to better manage migraine can be a sensitive topic. It can suggest that the only thing you need to do to eliminate migraine pain is to drink a little water.

Hearing someone suggest this can make you want to scream at the person giving the advice because they clearly have no idea about the level of pain that you experience and the exhausting road that you travel every single day to get the slightest relief from pain.

Do they seriously think that you would overlook a solution that is not only so easy but completely free? It’s the opposite of feeling seen and understood.

How has drinking water helped me?

Yet, as a nutrition coach living with debilitating migraines since childhood, I can’t ignore the fact that when I’m more consistent with drinking water throughout my day, I do feel better. It’s not taking the place of a migraine medication, but it just helps me to feel better in my body, and every little bit helps when living with a chronic health condition.

I have better energy, better mental clarity, and better digestion. That’s at least what I see and feel, but I of course know that there’s a lot more benefits going on below the surface.

How can bowel movements help migraine?

I know here in our online forums, some of our fellow members have shared that they experience more migraine attacks when they’re constipated. Some of you even experience noticeable relief in migraine pain once you’re able to have a bowel movement.

One of the things that can help us go to the bathroom easier is drinking water throughout the day. So, whether it’s the simple act of being hydrated or the benefits that the water brings to our body like making elimination – pooping! – a lot easier, I do think that there’s value to prioritizing water throughout the day.

How does it crowd out the "bad" stuff?

The habit of drinking more water can also make less room for other drinks that you’ve been having that could trigger migraine attacks. For example, I know regular consumption of caffeine is a major migraine trigger for me, as are drinks with food coloring and artificial sweeteners. So perhaps as we’re increasing our water, we’re by default, eliminating some of the other drinks that aren’t supporting us in managing migraine.

Why am I bringing this up?

I guess, I bring up this topic for two reasons. I want to remind us – myself included! – that some everyday habits that can seem to be completely unrelated or “not strong enough” to address migraine, can help us to feel better in our body. Just because they don’t completely eliminate a migraine doesn’t mean that they’re not worth doing, because every little healthy habit can add up.

I was also prompted to bring up this topic because I’m curious to know if there are similar habits that seem so insignificant on the surface but help you to feel a little better. Maybe its migraine related or maybe not. It could be something that just helps you to feel more relaxed or at ease in your body.

It’s your turn! We would love to hear about it. Please share in the comments below so we can learn from you too!

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