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Last updated: October 2021

CGRP medications have been an exciting development in migraine treatment over the last three years. They are the first treatments developed specifically for migraine.1 Before CGRPs, migraine drugs were created for another condition, like depression or high blood pressure, and found to be effective for migraine.1 Reflecting on the last three years, we asked the Facebook community, “How have your thoughts on CGRPs changed since they first came out?”

We shared your general observations in part 1. Now, in part 2, we share your personal experiences with CGRPs.

Dealing with needles

The preventative CGRPs require giving yourself a shot once a month.2-4 Needing to inject a drug for migraine can feel daunting – particularly if you struggle with needles!

“I always believed I wouldn’t be a candidate for one of the CGRPs because I hate needles. My neurologist put me on one, and if I can continue to feel this good, I can continue to give myself an injection.”

“I was nervous about giving myself a shot, but it was so worth it!”

“I’m not going to lie: the shot hurts, and I have no issue with needles.”

Disappointing outcome

Advertising for CGRPs touts them as the solution to chronic migraine.2-7 There has been a drive for as many people to try them as possible. However, as with any treatment, nothing is effective for every person. Migraine is a neurological disorder, and the brain is a complex organ.8 Migraine is different for each person. Many of you shared crushing disappointment when CGRPs did not help your symptoms.

” I was sadly disappointed. Not the life-changing med as portrayed in advertising for me. After the many meds and procedures I’ve experienced, I feel like there is nothing that will ever help me.”

“Honestly, disappointment from hope. I’ve been on five CGRPs: three injectables and two tablets.”

“I was so hopeful, but they did absolutely nothing for me.”

Losing effectiveness

Several responses focused on the changing effects of CGRPs. In the beginning, the drug helped manage symptoms. You had relief from constant, debilitating migraine. After a while, the CGRP started losing effectiveness. Migraine crept back in with greater frequency.

“I think it worked for a while, but now I am starting to have quite a few breakthrough migraine episodes. The first few months were great.”

“One worked well for a year or so and then stopped being as effective. Doing better on another option.”

“It worked great for two years or so and now no longer does.”


Some of you shared what a dramatic impact a CGRP has made on your quality of life. Migraine is now manageable. CGRPs have been opening opportunities closed to you for so long.

“I am now averaging 1 to 2 migraine episodes a month. I started out with 20 to 25 a month. I was hopeful at the beginning; now, I’m beyond grateful.”

“Life-saving! I am so thankful to have my life back.”

“It changed my life. I was able to go back to school, get back in shape, and actually have a social life. I am one step away from my bachelor’s degree, and I have a CGRP to thank!”

Thank you

We value your willingness to engage in the community and share your perspectives on CGRPs with us. We appreciate each of your unique voices. Thank you for being part of!

All comments reflect individual experiences. Migraine treatment is unique to each person. Consult your doctor to make the best treatment decisions for you.

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