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My Complex Migraine Preventative Treatment

My chronic migraine has been such a complex issue to manage. I have tried several medications and procedures to manage my condition. None of these alone have made any changes to the frequency or severity of my chronic migraine. This means that I currently use multiple medications to manage my migraine prevention treatment.

How has Aimovig worked for me?

The Aimovig™ (erenumab-aooe) auto-injector is an anti-CGRP drug. Aimovig works by blocking CGRP receptors in the brain, preventing CGRP from attaching and causing migraine attacks. There is data that backs up the efficacy of Aimovig as well. About "40 percent of people with chronic migraine taking Aimovig cut their monthly migraine days by 50 percent or more."1

How do I know when I'm due for my next injection?

I can tell when it is close to the day for my monthly injection. I start to get an increase in the frequency and severity of my migraine pain. It is almost like the Aimovig wears off around 3 weeks instead of the full 4 weeks.

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How does it work on the day of my injection?

The auto-injector is easy to use. For my abortive medication, I use sumatriptan auto-injectors. Both medication injectors are similar. To use the auto-injector, remove the cap covering one end, place it firmly against your skin, (I use my thigh), then hit the trigger button. Before removing the auto-injector, is best to wait about 30 seconds after hitting the trigger.

For some reason, I end up with a migraine on the night I do my Aimovig injection. This means I often to have to do both of my auto-injectors within a 24-hour window. Luckily, I have 2 thighs!

How has Gralise worked for me?

Gralise® is an extended-release form of gabapentin. Instead of taking gabapentin 3 times a day, I can take Gralise once a day. I take it at night when I am getting ready for bed. I am on the highest dose, which is 1800 mg. That is 3 600 mg pills. Gralise has a new delivery technology that allows it to "release gradually into your body while you sleep." This is much better than the traditional gabapentin, which has to be taken 3 times a day.2

How has Topamax worked for me?

Topamax is believed to calm overactive nerves that signal pain to the brain, which causes migraine attacks. This medicine is taken as a preventative in an attempt to reduce the occurrence of migraine attacks.3

I took Topamax by itself as a preventative previously. At that time, I did not have any notable relief from the preventative. About 2 months ago, I started taking Topamax 25 mg again. I am taking it as part of my migraine-preventative combination this time. My hope is that by taking it in addition to my other medicines, I will have a reduction in the number of migraine days I face per month.

Does this combination help my migraine?

Due to the severity of my migraines, my doctor and I decided to try this unconventional combination to reduce my migraine days. The Aimovig injection is easy enough because it is a once-a-month injection. The other 2 are taken once a day, which means I take them at bedtime.

Have you taken any of these medications as preventatives? How did they work for you? Have you ever tried a combination of preventatives to battle your migraines?

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