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A male caregiver wraps his arm around a woman suffering from migraine

Migraine Etiquette: 8 Ways To Be An Awesome Migraine Supporter

My family has superpowers. While they can’t leap over tall buildings in a single bound, they can read my mind. Their super-duper mind-reading powers go into effect when I have a super-duper migraine. When my brain begins to boil, the only way to settle the simmering is for me to lie still and speechless in bed. Speaking while migraining brings on a pain akin to dropping bowling balls on my head. Always on the lookout for ways not to draw any more spares, my husband and parents' help has proven invaluable.

Moving into action when migraine hits

When a migraine hits, my family knows how to come to my aid. I rarely have to mumble an unintelligible word. Mr. Husband will bring me an ice pack and order pizza for my dinner. My mom knows to shut the curtains tight and have some water handy. It has taken some trial and error, but they have been gracious enough to help me take care of me. My family is my awesome migraine support system. The best part is, we’ve come up with a system and discovered some helpful “Dos and Don’ts”  along the way.

Migraine support dos and don'ts

  1. Don’t shout from the doorway expecting me to yell back. Do quietly step into the room and whisper your question.
  2. Don’t breeze by while I'm struggling to shield to my eyes like a vampire in the sunlight saying, “You’re up! Wanna watch Game of Thrones?” Do help me find my sunglasses so I can navigate my endless walk to the bathroom with greater ease.
  3. Don't ask me if you think I’ll be ready in an hour to make that movie. Do reassure me that there will be another movie we can see together.
  4. Do keep the dogs from playing tag on the bed.
  5. Don’t open all the curtains in the morning to show me how gorgeous the day is. Do keep the blinds closed when my brain is boiling at temperatures hotter than the sun.
  6. Don't bring me a huge bowl of chili with hot sauce for dinner. Do order me an awesome cheese pizza.
  7. Don't lock the bathroom door. Do keep the bathroom free, and the toilet seat up, for nausea emergencies.
  8. Don’t ask me how much longer you think I’ll be in bed. Do reassure me that my pain will be done soon.

Making migraine more tolerable

My family's mind-reading ability makes my days in bed easier to tolerate. Sure, the pain is still there, but knowing they're there to support me gives me peace of mind. My family members are the real superheroes of my migraine filled days.

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