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3 Crazy Cravings That Help Me Get Through My Migraines

The last migraine I had I named Shirley. Shirley sent me straight to bed after supper. The nausea I was experiencing with Shirley was topping my migraine charts - unlike Laverne, who had visited me a couple of weeks prior. She’d been a lot more tame.

How are my migraine attacks similar?

Every migraine I have has a distinctive personality. They’re so individual in their pain that I want them to have their own name, social security number, and Netflix account. However, there’s one way in which my migraine personalities stay the same: Their food cravings. These strange and weird cravings give me a little extra help navigating an attack. Here are 3 of my best crazy cravings:

What drink do I crave when in pain?

Thank goodness chocolate is not one of my many migraine triggers like hormonal changes, lack of sleep, and blinking. I mean, my birthday cake has been the same chocolate cake since I was an 8-year-old. It’s clear my love of chocolate goes way back, so it was odd to discover that my migraines crave a different flavor when they’re in charge: Vanilla. A vanilla shake is my go-to drink when I’m in the throes of an episode. Vanilla has been proven to inhibit vomiting and lessen stomach cramps, and the cold of the ice cream brings relief to my hot aching head. Too bad they don't make vanilla shake cold compresses.

What snack helps my nausea?

Saltine was my cracker of choice when I was pregnant with my son. These magical crackers helped alleviate my nausea when I was preggo, and they also happen to be the cracker my migraines order up when calling the shots. Generally, I don’t enjoy these crumbly dry squares, but I always have them on hand when my migraines come to visit. They're simply the best at calming the waters of my churning stomach and keeping my dog standing (cracker-crumb) vigil by my bedside.

What do I crave after the pain?

When the inside of my head has stopped barbecuing itself, the first food group I crave is pizza. I’ve become so predictable in this part of my “come down” phase that my husband magically makes cheese pizza appear for me. This is when I nibble on a slice or two and go back to bed. I doubt pizza has any healing benefits, so I’m not sure why I crave it. Maybe my migraines are trying to apologize by offering me a truce and leaving me with some happy comfort food after spending hours in bed.

Have I found comfort in my migraine food cravings?

Having migraines is scary and overwhelming due to their unpredictability and pain level. So, I’ve tried to find a little comfort in my comfort foods. My strange cravings help my body feel better in moments where little else does. This is why after 36 hours of living through a migraine, I’ll happily reward myself with a slice or two of pizza—and maybe a whole chocolate cake.

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