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Gift Giving Guide for Migraine Relief

It’s no secret that living with a chronic condition like migraine can be expensive. There are the obvious expenses of copays for endless doctor’s appointments, MRIs, and prescriptions. But there’s also the very real truth that your ability to work may be impacted due to migraine and therefore you’re on a limited budget. And now let’s top this list off with knowing that there are complementary treatments that could help bring your relief but the out-of-pocket expense of them, makes them out of reach for you.

How can the holidays help migraine?

For these, and many other reasons, I like to use gift giving holidays as an opportunity to get some of the things that can help me to best manage migraine. Now I share this whether you’re actually putting these items on a list for you to receive, or you simply are taking advantage of the holiday sales so that you can purchase them yourself at a lower cost.

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Item #1

Top of my list is this year is a migraine hat. I’ve heard so many people in our community here share about the benefits of the cold relief that they bring.

As someone who loves ice during a migraine attack, I’m really intrigued by the hats and want to try it out firsthand. The cold ice packs straight from the freezer bring me most comfort during a migraine attack so I’m hoping that the gel packs in the migraine hat will not only last longer but also cover more surface area than the small square that my little ice pack covers. (By the way, if you haven’t seen it yet, we have a great conversation going on about the debate between ice and heat during a migraine attack. Personally, I’m team ice all the way baby!)

While I don’t know if this is an item that’s likely have good holiday sales, I’m definitely going to keep my eye out for one and jump on it if one comes up.

Item #2

I personally have found various supplements over the years to be really beneficial for me in my overall health as well as managing migraine. But those little bottles add up quickly and can put a dent in your budget. And while they may seem like odd “holiday gifts,” they could serve as great stocking stuffers, if you do stockings, or could even be part of a bigger wellness gift basket.

The supplements that would top my wish list would be omega 3 (fish oil), magnesium, B complex and enzyme CoQ10.

Item #3

This last one is more traditional for holiday gift giving. This is a great time to ask for a gift certificate for a massage or maybe even the acupuncture treatment that you’ve been wanting to try but just haven’t had the money to do so yet.

I love receiving gift cards like this and then tuck them away so I can enjoy it when I really need it. So, in the future, when I’m experiencing tension in my neck and worried that it could trigger a migraine attack, I can cash in my gift card for a wonderful massage. It might not completely avoid the migraine attack but even if it lessens the intensity of it, that’s worth it!

I’m curious to know, do you ask for any “healthy” holiday gifts? What’s on your health holiday list? Please share below so we can learn from you and your experience too!

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