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Heart-filled background with gift ideas like a bag of coffee beans, a shopping gift card, and a fluffy robe

Alternative Gift Ideas to Give Loved Ones with Migraine

There are many holidays and celebrations in which people love to give gifts to those they care about. Many with migraine disease, though, cannot eat certain things like chocolate. Some do not do well with wine or cheese, either. Fragrances are another common trigger when you are a migraineur. So you might ask, what can I give my loved one? Well, here are a few choices of things that I recommend.

Option 1

Gift cards are a gift that are good for any occasion, especially holidays/celebrations. I choose gift cards for several reasons.

  • There are a range of gift cards out there, from food to audiobooks to subscriptions.
  • You can choose something that you know that person enjoys (Starbucks for me!)
  • With a gift card, they can pick their own gift.

If you are a homebody like me, you can buy them online (E-gift card/shipped). Not only can you buy them online, but if the person doesn’t leave home often, they can use the gift card online.

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Option 2

As someone with a chronic illness, I tend to be in PJs or other walk-around-the-house clothes all the time. I prefer loose-fitting items. I am commonly found in sweatpants and t-shirts. What can I say? It is all about comfort for me. Others who have migraines, nausea, pain, vomiting, etc., often dress like that when having symptoms. You want something that is not restricting you, like jeans. For myself, it just makes me feel better. I say to use whatever helps you feel better like:

  • A new housecoat
  • Pajama sets
  • Sweatpants
  • Other comfy clothes branded under “loungewear”

Option 3

Believe it or not, some with migraine crave snacks either in the prodrome (right before a migraine), during, or after the migraine has resolved. Everyone is different. The cravings are just as different as the person experiencing the migraine headache. Common things often wanted are:

  • Salty snacks
  • Sugary items
  • Starchy foods
  • Caffeine

These things are not inclusive and are not for everyone. I am sure that if you pay attention, you will see what the person runs to during their migraine episode.

Option 4

Aside from the items that I have mentioned so far, there are some other things that one may find beneficial for migraineurs - migraine relief items such as:

  • Migraine caps (cold is a commonly used treatment)
  • Cold pack for the neck
  • Eye masks (Keeps it dark)
  • Nausea sweets (lots to choose from) - ginger chews/hard candy, ginger tea, or their nausea candies (Hint: It's helpful to sometimes search for morning sickness candy. Find them online or in pharmacies.)
  • Nausea relief bands
  • Essential oils (Be careful with scents though as they may be sensitive to all or certain ones)
  • Shower steamer tablets (In case they are able to stand or sit in the shower. I love the Lavender/Vanilla ones!!)
  • Heating pad (Good for tense muscles or stomach pain)
  • Black-out curtains (For help during a migraine or to prevent them)

What other options are there?

These items are not all-inclusive but are things that I use or have used in the past. Hopefully, you will know your person and their likes. If you are unsure, you can always ask them what helps them during a migraine.

I am curious. For those who live with migraine, what are things that you find helpful?

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