It's Not Too Late to Attend RetreatMigraine

It is NOT TOO LATE to attend RetreatMigraine in-person, Oct. 15-17 at Sonesta Redondo Beach & Marina. The COVID pandemic has been hard for all. So many of us are forced to be socially isolated due to our health conditions, but COVID has exacerbated feelings of loneliness. Last year RetreatMigraine pivoted to provide two virtual conferences, but we are all eager to see each other in real life.

The RetreatMigraine Planning Committee, CHAMP Steering Committee, and CHAMP Board of Directors carefully weighed the feasibility of the event and have decided to move forward with an in-person conference. The health of the migraine community is our top priority. It is a significant challenge to balance how this event positively contributes to community health and the risks associated with an in-person event. Only you can make the personal decision if attending in-person RetreatMigraine is right for you.

In-person and virtual registration

Due to understandable COVID concerns, a number of people have switched their in-person registration to virtual. This has opened up in-person spots that we are now making available. If you want to join us in person in Redondo Beach, CA, here is what you need to know:

  • Email with your interest. First-come first-serve basis.
  • There are costs to attend RetreatMigraine, which can be found on the website. As always, we do not want finances to be a limitation for anyone when deciding whether or not to attend. If you would like to apply for a scholarship, please mention it in your email to
  • If you live in the area and want to attend daily sessions, but do not need lodging, we can accommodate you as well.

We are still offering a virtual event for those who cannot attend in-person or who find themselves less comfortable traveling and attending an in-person conference.

COVID risk mitigation plans

To provide additional safeguards for all attendees, the following list explains key components that will decrease the risk of exposure for attendees and hotel staff, and other guests.

  • Require proof of vaccination
  • Request people not to travel to or attend the conference if they are experiencing any communicable illness symptoms (not just COVID-related)
  • Encourage pre-travel quarantining
  • Encourage pre-travel COVID testing (where possible)
  • Request attendees to wear masks in public spaces during travel to/from the conference
  • Require attendees to wear masks during the conference and when in public spaces within the hotel and if exploring the surrounding area
  • Allow RetreatMigraine staff and any volunteers to take your temperature and ask symptom questions upon entry each morning/day
  • CDC mask guidance compliance will be enforced
  • Please bring your own mask, however extra masks and increased access to hand sanitizer will be available
  • Daily consistent-seating in the main session room
  • All meals will be served outdoors with an open-sided tent
  • Masked and gloved servers will assist you at the buffet lines, rather than self-service
  • Take-out boxes will be available for people to take meals to their rooms or other locations if preferred
  • The use of DoorDash, Uber Eats, or similar services are encouraged on Saturday night when we don’t serve dinner (We are exploring if we can get a discount code from one of these services)
  • Air filtration at the hotel will be confirmed to meet standards and/or enhanced

Your health is top priority

Again, the health of the migraine community is the top priority and we believe that with this strong risk mitigation plan we can responsibly move forward with this in-person event. We are cautious in our approach and ask the same caution and respect from all of the event attendees.

Know that we are continuing to monitor the COVID situation and related policies nationally and locally. The Risk Mitigation Plan will be updated if necessary and reconsideration of the in-person event if warranted.

Please contact us at if you have any concerns surrounding the event.

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