White woman opens door doorway with fear as fall leaves wind gust in.

Seasonal Migraine - Back With A Vengeance

Recently, I’ve been having a lot of issues with my endometriosis flaring up. To be frank, when I struggle with my endo, I struggle with hormonal migraines and my IBD gets a lot worse. You know, the inflammation train - it just never wants to stop with one organ or system in the body.

This weekend we went away for the weekend up north to get a little rest and relaxation. We tried not to rush it, but with all we have going on in our personal and professional lives, we ended up leaving a little later than I anticipated.

A rough car ride

For me, that meant wearing sunglasses the whole time hoping I wouldn’t get an even worse migraine I’ve been dealing with on and off for about 3 weeks now. By the time we got to the cabin, though it was only an hour's drive, I had a massive case of being car sick and I was sick to my stomach.

My migraine types

I live with hemiplegic migraines and other types - this past month, it’s been the “other” type of migraine; truthfully, I haven’t dealt with these in quite some time, so it kind of took me off my feet a little.

Seasonal allergies and weather triggers

I live in the midwest, so we’ve had a ton of cold and warm fronts mixing together, which is never fun for those of us that really struggle with barometric pressure AND seasonal allergies. Yes, it’s November and I’m still struggling with seasonal allergies.

Planning to work around migraine

So, instead of a weekend just spent vegging and relaxing, I had to meticulously plan all of the things I/we did as much as I could. I made one sacrifice by going into town with my boyfriend to fill up the candy jar we keep up there. That was a mistake; I don’t regret going, as it was time spent with him and my dog, Piper. But, the drive home was not something I’d like to experience again. By the time I got out of the car and made it to the door, I ended up puking outside of the cabin.

Lost without my migraine go-tos

I laid down, but I realized I didn’t have any of my “comfort migraine” items. I could only make the room as dark and cool as possible while trying not to vomit up the breakfast I hardly got in, to begin with. I was mad at myself for not packing what I felt I really needed for when I typically get sick and pack for.

Do you have seasonal migraine?

Do you struggle more in the fall months than in other months?

I live in the midwest and it seems like every year around this time - around the time of our first snowfall after the leaves have all fallen - that I just get more of them. It’s either that - or they are the intractable ones that I just can’t seem to get rid of.

Is there a season (if you live in a region that experiences seasons) that you struggle with more than the others? How do you handle the change in seasons when living in places like the midwest that virtually use air conditioners and heating units all within the same day!?

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