Black man holding razor tries shaving during migraine aura

Shaving Through Migraine

I was FaceTiming my girlfriend while finally grabbing the clippers to shave my scraggly beard. I think it looks cool. She thinks it looks scratchy. I'm more inclined to agree with her judgment, as my irritated skin begs for freedom. I, too would love freedom.

I have COVID

Finally getting COVID has meant that, for these last 8 days, FaceTiming her is something that I increasingly look forward to. I'm lucky to feel the symptoms that I do, all things considered. I've been triple vaccinated, so I've been dealing with sore throats, aches, stuffiness, congestion, fatigue, and, of course, head pain.

Is it COVID or migraine?

As someone who lives with migraine, it can be difficult judging whether what I'm feeling falls under the migraine umbrella, or whether it is a symptom of ye old Omicron. My positive at home and onsite rapid tests proved that I was right to feel sick, as it finally got me. I'm grateful to feel better than many others, but it's still not great.

Aura set in

This last week had been looking up! Each day felt better than the last. But just when I thought I was reaching a clearing in the woods. I came across a whole new other wood that interrupted my shaving session. I lathered up my face, reached down for the razor, and arose to find a mistake. I see this reflection every day, but why was it different? What's missing? I looked at the lines of my hands, then at my girlfriend's worried face on my phone. I couldn't see her.

Shaving through an aura

Now, this is just what I needed! 8 days into quarantine, coming out of the worst of my symptoms, just to find myself butting up against my tell-tale sign of migraine. I knew what was to come, but, dammit, if I didn't finish my shave first. It was hard, mind you, trying to get every hair and glide around every patch. I think I did a pretty stellar job, but how could I tell? I couldn't see if I did.

A sign that I need to relax

There are a few things I really look forward to during this period of isolation. Shaving my "homeless" beard was one of them. A physical metaphor of me shedding my ailment and emerging; a new man. Someone with ambition and a new lot in life. Is it too much to feel better again?! I've been able to put off working out and making career moves for the time being. They were my new year's resolutions, but I feel yucky! I need to work on myself and focus on getting better. My body reminded me that I needed to relax and let this take its course.

I've felt stuck

I didn't mean to catch COVID, and I didn't try and stress about it. It happens. My anxiety got the best of me, and migraine came out of it. I was even venting that day to my girlfriend about why I felt so stuck! I just have to go to bed early and let the migraine pass over me.

I can't control everything

I was fortunate that I was at home anyway. There are few things that I have complete control over, and time has allowed us all to take a deep look at ourselves during these times of quarantine and introspection. I come out of it, realizing that I can't punish myself for everything I don't do but rather appreciate everything I can do. It doesn't mean I relish in my laziness! But rather, let my body fight through this migraine without blaming myself for it.

My shaving job sucked so bad. I fell asleep that night, picking at the scruff left on my chin while letting my naproxen sodium push the rain away. Would not recommend.

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