Sunglasses in the Snow

Last updated: December 2020

The makeup industry is a zillion-dollar franchise that has purchase all over the world. From Ru Paul to Mary Kay, Fashion and the wonders of makeup make-up an enormous part of the entertainment industry.

Dabbling in makeup

I've dabbled. As a stage performer, we were meticulously taught how to put on eye-shadow and eyeliner. How to contour in order to highlight and contrast your features so they’d be seen by the back row! In college, we didn’t get makeup people, so I had to get very intimate with my eyes.

My eyes are sensitive

The idea (eye-dea) of shoving sticks into your eyes brought me true discomfort that I still haven’t gotten contacts. Oh you know, those cool lenses that let your eyes telescope! A crucial part of being a performer, let alone a person.

Driving for work

This fear of getting contacts led me to some very creative solutions whilst driving. As a school photographer on the side, I would have to do a ton of driving for work. I’d have to go all over the state of New York, whether rain or shine. Especially in the snow.

Blinding and reflective snow

As those of you how may have the fortune of not knowing, snow is an AMAZING sun reflector. Seriously, if you were filming a commercial over snow you could leave your bounce at home. Just use the sun’s very powerful blinding rays to evenly light your subject! However, it sucks when you need to look around while driving through it.

Protecting myself from a migraine?

Naturally, I came up with a dorky solution. Why get contacts and face your fears? Instead, just get dollar store sunglasses and put them OVER your prescription glasses! What a life hack! Anytime I would traverse the snowy regions of the state, I would save myself from squinting and protecting myself from migraines with the help of a balancing act.

It didn’t really work

I don’t know why all windows aren’t tinted? Or at least have an anti-migraine-sun-glare-snow-tint function. When I’m driving hours on end, migraines can be a real hurdle for me, and super bright lights are a pretty gnarly trigger.

I did what I had to do

No, I didn’t face my eye-sensitivity issue, but rather I forked out the dough and just got prescription sunglasses. NOW I had a pair of cool WayFarers that made me look like a visually capable rockstar. Did I wear them inside? Yes. Did I wear them in the winter all the time? Also yes.

Sunglasses aren't just for the summer

We, as a society, have attributed sunglasses, almost exclusively, with California summers, when in reality, us cold-cold northerners can get way worse sun, even if we aren’t riding a ‘totally tubular’ wave.

Migraine protection is incredibly important and finding workarounds is key. Yes, I should get contacts and wear store-bought sunglasses to save my wallet in the long run. But, in the meantime, I can drive comfortably and look like the coolest dude in town! A cold and wintery town.

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