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By Katie Golden - March 17, 2017
Thirty-six million Americans have migraine disease. One hundred million Americans have chronic pain[i]. Research for both diseases are severely underfunded through the National Institutes of Health (NIH). However, the effects of these... READ MORE

By Katie Golden - November 29, 2016
Along with my colleague, Sarah Hackley, we have discussed the controversial use of kratom as a treatment option for pain management. The Drug Enforcement Agency proposed a two-year temporary ban on the... READ MORE

By Katie Golden - September 15, 2016
There are many migraine related events coming up that I wanted to share with everyone. From conferences to races to stomping on the Hill. Not everyone will physically be able to make... READ MORE

By Miles For Migraine - September 15, 2016
Dear Patient, In addition to pain, sickness, and — for many — daily disability, migraine carries a severe burden of discrimination and negativity from many members of community.  This is social stigma.... READ MORE

By Tammy Rome - September 7, 2016
Back when the US was a fledgling nation, a phenomenon occurred that history books call “westward expansion.” Pioneers in search of religious freedom, wealth, independence, land ownership, and growing room headed west... READ MORE

By Katie Golden - August 30, 2016
Every year, the Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy (AHDA) coordinates a day of stomping on Capitol Hill for migraine research. Patients, caregivers, advocates and doctors spend a day meeting with multiple offices... READ MORE

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