Looking for clarification on auras

I’ve been diagnosed by two different doctors…one says migraines with auras, one said migraines without auras. Do auras *always* happen BEFORE the pain of the migraine? I have significant vision changes during a migraine (blurred/double vision, flashing squiggles in my peripheral vision that cause pain). I don’t typically have these before the pain sets in. I awake every day with what I call “pressure” on the right side of my head. By pressure, I mean the rubber band tightening throughout the day feeling I’ve read described here. Usually it increases to pain by 2pm, my typical onset time. So are my vision changes during a migraine considered an aura? PS – I am really appreciating the wealth of information here!

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  • Joanna Bodner moderator
    1 year ago

    Hi there Neva,
    Thanks so much for your question! Getting a proper diagnosis can certainly be challenging. I would encourage you (if you have not already) to journal/track your migraine. By keeping a diary this can help your doctor better understand and to obtain a proper diagnosis. You can read more about this here – https://migraine.com/blog/keeping-migraine-diary-basics/.

    Additionally, as you wait for possible feedback from the community, you can read a few of these resources which discuss migraine and vision changes.

    Thanks again for reaching out & always feel free to do so! -Joanna (Migraine.com Team)

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