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21 one day with out migraines . Happy to share how

I'm 46 years old, the migraines started on my 20's and getting worse every day. About a year ago, I started the Botox treatment with no good results. To make the story short .. lately I keep thinking that while I was pregnant I did not experience any migraines, so I must be bc the hormones levels goes up . When to my Dr. and asked her to check the hormones, but sadly she did not help me on that regard. Not happy with that, decide to check a natural hormone creams (Progesterone) and just do research on it . Came across a review that mentioned a great book from Dr. John R. Lee (what you Dr may not tell you about menopause ). The review also mentioned the Emerita Pro-test natural cream . I got the book and the cream and To my surprise from the following day I notice the migrane that I had for the last 3 weeks was gone . So what I had learn so far . I was Hormone Imbalance all this time. Not only I'm migraines free for 21 day , but my other symptoms like anxiety, stress, dizziness are gone. Please ready the reviews about the cream from amazon .The new book and the cream has totally changed my Life . If you have any questions feel free to contact me. You own to your self to check this out . Good luck! to all and know that is a hope at there

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