36 years of pain

My migraines began when I was 8 years old, that means less than a 20th of my life was migraine free. Migraines in the late 70's early 80 for kids were go lay down in a dark room, drink ginger ale and puke.

I can recall as a teenager wishing someone could detach those nerves I could feel running through me head. I missed dates. Miss out on sports because no one new what to do about an 8 year old with crushing pain. I was lucky, my headaches came late in the day. Normally after school had ended - so it was me a dark room and a damp towel.

As I aged the doctors tried other medicines. Nothing would really work. It would be hard to lift my head of a pillow. I was older when the magic veil was lifted.

I was introduced to the drug Imitrex, which game me a life. This drug could finally stop the pain without throwing up or "sleeping it off". Still, there were more test other medications. Attempts with blood pressure drugs to control the headaches. Anti seizure medications. The only time in my adult life I was headache free - the 6 short months of my pregnancy.

At 43, I have endured years of treating headaches with everything from Exederin to Imitrex and in between. I was desperate enough a few years back to attempt a clinical study. It showed promise - but the study was tabled. I wish I could find all the triggers of my migraines and never have another migraine in my life.

Life is no fun when you can't stand the smells of the shops you walk past, you need sunglasses to walk through the bookstore. My struggle is to find the real source and try to live without pain for more than a day or two!

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