Have You Ever Had a Win No One Cared About?

I recently found a new trigger, white noise. This trigger is more like an atom bomb for me. Twenty minutes of white noise will give me a migraine so bad I can't drive anymore for the rest of the day.

An (almost) silent trigger

The worst part about white noise is how it can be everywhere and one does not notice it. For the longest time, I could not figure out why I felt like garbage in the kitchen and dining area. It turns out it's the refrigerator!!

Taking a proactive approach

I recently got ahead of my migraines and created a white noise detector. I felt myself get a little emotional as I figured out a way to take my life back from a hidden enemy. I shared it on my social media sites and I got basically no response from it.

A small win

I am continuing with making my detector, adding a light flicker, and being able to alert me to any white noise or excessive light flicker. I am making it for me so I can participate in the world and not hide from it.

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