Accept or Deny My Migraines?

I recall from as young as 5, crying from siring pain in my temple with blurred vision, vomiting. My momma would always comfort me during those times. Then once at age 7, I recall having hallucinations in a sense due to the severe pain. I thought my mouth was on my forehead screaming out in pain.

When migraine derailed my life plans

At the age of 16 I went in for my first MRI due to daily migraines and Neurologist suspected a tumor. Thankfully it was clear! I lived on my own at 16 and worked 2, sometimes 3 jobs (back in mid/late 80's) I finished High School 6 months early. I was very blessed to have a handful of Teachers , Assistant principal, and a few amazing friends who cheered me on. All the while I had migraines! My plans for design/art school was derailed, as I became a young mom at 18. I never have once regretted that decision! I've been very blessed by my first child. My beautiful daughter taught me about joy!

My immune system went haywire and at 19-21 yrs old I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and then Fibromyalgia. I was married in that time as well. My migraines and seeking of treatment both increased!

At 25 I had my 2nd beautiful child, my son. This beautiful blessing came with new challenges. He was born with profound medical health and disabilities. My son taught me about patience.I needed to learn this greatly!!!

A failed marriage & many failed treatments

I became a single parent when my son was 12, after 18 yrs of marriage. Throughout the good and the stressful moments of life, my migraines were ever present. I either pushed through out of the extreme NEED to do so, OR my body just gave in and I was down! I've been through MANY, MANY medications, vitamins, chiropractic & acupuncture treatments, Botox, Nerve Blocks, Lidocaine injections, Biofeedback, Cefly device, Tens Units, Massage(I wish this was covered by insurance), several ear piercings, total diet change 16yrs ago, New CGRP'S (I've failed two), I've had several surgeries. I'm considering Occipital Nerve Stimulator surgery.

I was diagnosed with Sjogren's, Raynaud's, & Sarcoidosis 9 yrs ago. Celiac Disease 15 yrs ago. My physicians believe my autoimmune diseases may be a reason my chronic migraines have been so difficult to treat! I had Covid for 72 days, ...Yes, 72 days and that has made my already chronic migraines much worse. I now live in a rural community, so finding proper treatment is slow!

I'm almost 52, do I accept or deny my migraines?

I've learned to adapt my daily life to my chronic migraines, I DON'T like them one bit!!! I DON'T deny them as that would be fruitless! I've lived a busy, full life, it's not over, despite chronic migraine and other health issues. I've learned to ENJOY life when I feel really good, I've learned to rest and self care when I'm in the worst pain and can not function. Never stop being your own advocate!!!

I have a loving dog who sleeps by my side and gives me the emotional support. And a beautiful tribe who love and support me in life. I love to paint, garden, and cherish pictures and videos of my new grandson.
Me & my new grandson (migraine present)

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