My Controlled Migraine Thru Acupressure

Hi All,

I want to share my migraine symptoms and how I treat it thru acupressure.

I have been getting migraines for last 10 years. I get severe headache throbbing pain mostly one side of head, if I don't do pay attention to it, it increases and I go to a point where I have to stop everything I am doing and have to go in a dark room and do acupressure.

I am not a doctor but have been able to control my migraine using acupressure points.  I haven't taken any medication so far. Usually it takes me 10-15 minutes to get rid of my migraine. yaah! Tt sounds miraculous ..I don't know how it works scientifically but i am able to control it in usually 10-15 minutes of applying acupressure.

Basically when we get migraine we have to find the pressure points which when applied pressure feels like a sweet pain and if we keep using the pressure for 5 minutes we can see improvement in circulation and the actual migraine pain vanishes. I don't know how else to explain it.

I get migraine almost once in 3 weeks or twice a month as I am a busy working mom with young kids that almost works whole day from 5am to 10pm restlessly.

I want to share this story hoping to benefit at least few people, as I know how painful it is to bear a migraine.

Wishing for no one to get a migraine.
Take care.

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