Aging Migraine

Have any of you other women out there experienced changes in your migraines as you age. I am in the over 50 crowd and things are changing. For one I now have started having Ocular Migraines too. I am thankful there is no associated pain, but they make it very difficult to do anything, fortunately they don't last real long.

I have had migraines associated with my cycle for years without aura, but I have noticed as I am aging I tend to have somewhat of an aura. Whether it is light headedness, dizzy, vision issues, I usually experience something before the migraine actually hits. My migraines once they start most always last six days. Three days on one side of my head kind of letting up on the third day then switching to the other side for three more days. It doesn't seem to matter the cause, they still last that long. It makes taking meds a problem.

I use Relpax followed an hour or two later by Frova. Usually get pretty good relief, but the migraine will return the next day. I usually just fight through it the next day and take meds if needed the third day, trying to avoid rebound headaches or overuse of medications.

Anyone else experience any of this?

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