Migraines all my life

I had my first migraine when I was four. Also at that age I found out I had NF1. Which causes cyst to grow everywhere there is a nerve. They also grow on the outside. I've been suffering migraines all my life. Imtrex didn't help so a doctor I went to put me on naproxen that's not helping either. I'm trying to find a new drug that would help.

I will have a migraine that will last for three days it starts with pain in my neck but only on one side and then the pain will go to my head I will get sick to my stomach and for three days I'm in bed. This happens about 4-5 times a month. The headaches have ruined my social life as I don't go out much cause I never know when they will hit me.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what kind of meds will work on migraines.


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