Alone In My Head

Three months after the birth of my first child, it happened. Vision problems, nausea, and the pounding pain in the left side of my head. Then I did not know or understand what it was, my husband was clueless also. About six months after the happened again. Went to the doctor, he just give me medication and not even a diagnosis at that time. I have migraine for the pass 28 years. I spent thousands of dollars searching for help, at times I believed it was various illnesses, heart attack, stroke, disc issues etc.

I did a hysterectomy three years ago and got about a year free from period migraines. Last, while at the gym I got a head pain at the time that was different from any I had before. I should have mentioned that I cannot work, I have not finished my studies because of migraine. I still can understand how I am a mother of three , how did I hope? This sent my husband and myself on a quest to find a cure for this new phenomena, this headache lasted months, with varying degrees of pain and symptoms. I did MRIs of my whole body, I visited chiropractor, got massages, took numerous medication, nothing helped.

March 23 of this year while at my hairdresser I found myself yawning profusely and I felt very hungry. Some hours later I had the worst headache and eye pain to date, it woke me from sleep.. (I do not have a neurologist or anyone treating me, one neurologist told me to get a hobby as I don't have migraine, another gave me magnesium and said I have good old migraine.

After several visit to ER I was admitted to the hospital, no one knew what was happening to me, fluctuating blood pressure, stroke like symptoms, constriction in face neck and chest. Neck MRI showed nothing, caratoid Doppler ultrasound showed nothing, I was given 75 mg Lyrica it did nothing, blood test showed low potassium, they gave me baralgin voltaren, baclofen, slow K and a blood pressure medication, none of these helped me. I was sent home after 6 days with a hefty bill and no relief..

Three days later I was admitted to a heart institute, where tests showed no heart problems, adrenaline was high after stress test (but to me that's understandable as I was in so much pain and was not getting enough sleep) now I was prescribed Amlodipine and Lexaton. There is so much more but my mind is out of sorts. I am currently at home taking all these meds and still in pain.

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