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Aura and dizziness will not go away

A couple of days back I had a migraine episode that almost killed me. I am a 23 year old man from Africa and suffering with this kind of disease in Africa is somewhat a "supernatural" thing and you have to work on your prayer to escape it's clutches haha. It is a relief that I am not alone in this and i hope someone reading this may be able to help me. So, I had just come from cricket practice and just when I was about to get into my yard, the aura struck. Of course I knew straight away what it meant since I have suffered from this illness since I was 7, so I got into my room, closed the curtains and turned off the light. 3 hours into the episode, normally it lasts for about 2, but this time its intensity deepened. I tried calling out for someone close but no one could hear the faint cries so I decided to go to the lounge where everyone was seated but just when I spoke the first few words to my mother, I collapsed. So I woke up 8 hours later in a hospital bed and It has been 2 days since I was discharged from hospital. I fear I will never be myself again as the aura will not go` away and is still visible when I close my right eye. I have a constant dizziness and sometimes It is difficult` to stand. Can someone help me, I feel as if I am about to die.

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