Basilar Migraine Sufferer


I have recently been diagnosed with this condition after spending 3 weeks in hospital with a suspected stroke and MS, I had an MRI scan and a CT scan which came back normal but had balance problems , severe pains in my head, tingling in my face and right side of my body and slurred speech.  They put be on high doses of steroids for two months which made matters worse and made my blood pressure sore to 225/115.

So I had to be weaned off them. I didn't get to see a neurologist for three months who said straight away I have Basilar Migraine. He has stared me on Toprimate (Topimax) and Pregrabaline but I still have nausea and balance problems and don't see the consultant again till May.   Is any one else on these tablets or any natural tablets you can recommend, thank you in advance.

My life has changed completely since this I was so outgoing and active before and hope this isn't a long term thing

Regards Barbara x

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