Change in Migraines after years of the same

I'm 48 & have had migraines since I was in my teens. When I was pregnant I didn't get morning sickness, I got migraines that lasted for days. My migraines have mostly been hormone related. I would get them while I was sleeping, usually aware in my sleep that I had a migraine but couldn't wake myself up to take something. I took midrin for years, which with a few extra hours of sleep would take care of my headache, but midrin went away & since then I haven't been able to find anything that helps. After Midrin they would last about 12-18 hours. I get a migraine about every 3 weeks.

And now they are changing. I am not waking up with them any more - they come on suddenly - like I am getting hit in the head with a hammer! I am getting confused, having trouble focusing, my eyes and top lip are twitching & drooping & my face is tingling as are my hands & feet. The first time this happened I ended up in the ER thinking it may be a stroke. The doc treated the migraine & the symptoms went away so he wasn't worried about anything further. My next migraine had similar symptoms. I then was referred to a neurologist by my family doc who has treated my migraines for years. She started me on topamax (I am up to 50 mg - when I go up to 75 I have a big focus issue at work) & new med to take when I get the migraines (my new insurance wouldn't cover frova.) So I get another migraine (on my 3 week schedule)& this time my confusion & lack of focus was so bad I couldn't drive & my husband had to pick me up from work.

Now, only 1 1/2 weeks later I am driving & getting confused & driving not sure where I am. I pulled over & my husband came & got me, Again twitching, numbness in the face, hands & feet. We went to the ER again & because I have had 4 of the episodes since March 20 they did an MRI which came back normal. My reg doc ordered an EEG to rule out seizure activity but I haven't gotten that back yet.

This is just very frustrating because it is scary when you find yourself driving & not exactly sure how you got somewhere.

Trying all they typical stuff: magnesium, b vitamins, water, also using essential oils. The thing that seems to do the most though is sleeping in a dark cool room with an ice pack on my neck, lavender oil on my temples.

I'm worrying about my job though. Already missed 6 days since February.

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