Changing Migraines for Over 20 Years

My first migraine started with seeing stars for a few minutes than followed with a severe headache and vomiting. As years went by I had a few more episodes of similar migraines in which didn't last very long.

Then they changed where I had the aura sensations first and then I couldn't see at all in one eye or both like I was looking through streaks of running water. Felt very cold. And of course had the severe pain and vomiting follow. All lasted about 3 hours total. Happened about 3 times per year.

More recently they seem to start days / weeks prior with spells of hard to explain confusion, unusual blurry vision, sensitivity to light, vertigo and an overall feeling hard to explain. So, I basically feel like I'm on the verge of having a migraine but don't know when. When the migraine finally comes on in full I get obviously disorientated. Then my vision becomes very strange. Once looked in the mirror and my eye was completely missing but not because of a dark spot or stars & streaks etc. I have a hard time comprehending words I see even if I can see every letter. It's like I cannot process what I see. Also at this point have to really concentrate if someone talks to me. My face feels numb. When the severe pain does arrive (head), my hands & feet get ice cold. I get pins and needles sensations in my head. Then after an hour or so the severe pain resides but am left with a tender head or pressure in my head, hurts to move my head. Some dizziness and fatigue or a few days up to a week.

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