Chezabella Migraine Story


I am 35 years old and I have been having theses horrible migraines since I was a teenager!

When they first started they were like mini strokes, where all my left side would go limp and I couldn’t feel anything until it wore off. The doctor put me on Migraleve. Pink and yellow pills.

Now I have grown older the migraines are awful and they scare me to death, I sometimes start where I can not see properly out of my left eye, when I look at a number plate for e.g. I can only see so much of the plate. The doctor has now placed me on Narimic which I take one as soon as the attack starts, and I find if I go to bed for an hour it eases it, But when I get up I am left with the pounding headache, and so very tired. Having two children laying on the sofa is a no no! They do know that when Mum has theses she can’t do the things we normally do.

About six months ago I was having them every other day, and I was scared that one day I will lose all my sight, or I will have a stroke. I had been back to the doctors and I asked to see someone private. I paid to see a consultant, and he spent nearly 2 hours asking questions and giving me a MOT! I felt so much better after seeing him, He told me a few things:

  • Drink decaf tea
  • Take zinc
  • Take B2 vitamin

Sounds so simple. I did everything he said and a week ago I had three bad attacks in a week, which totally washed me out.

I find myself thinking am I going to be having one today? Can I see that right?

I feel in limbo, I am scared to plan anything too far from home just in case I have one.

People who don’t have them just think it is a headache... take a pill you will be fine. I am so glad that I have found this web site where hopefully I will find some good friends who understand what I have been going through.

It has been a week since my last one and I have been to the doctors today and he has referred me to a neurologist at the hospital, can’t afford to go private again, so on the waiting list I am.

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