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Chezabella Migraine Story


I am 35 years old and I have been having theses horrible migraines since I was a teenager!

When they first started they were like mini strokes, where all my left side would go limp and I couldn’t feel anything until it wore off. The doctor put me on Migraleve. Pink and yellow pills.

Now I have grown older the migraines are awful and they scare me to death, I sometimes start where I can not see properly out of my left eye, when I look at a number plate for e.g. I can only see so much of the plate. The doctor has now placed me on Narimic which I take one as soon as the attack starts, and I find if I go to bed for an hour it eases it, But when I get up I am left with the pounding headache, and so very tired. Having two children laying on the sofa is a no no! They do know that when Mum has theses she can’t do the things we normally do.

About six months ago I was having them every other day, and I was scared that one day I will lose all my sight, or I will have a stroke. I had been back to the doctors and I asked to see someone private. I paid to see a consultant, and he spent nearly 2 hours asking questions and giving me a MOT! I felt so much better after seeing him, He told me a few things:

  • Drink decaf tea
  • Take zinc
  • Take B2 vitamin

Sounds so simple. I did everything he said and a week ago I had three bad attacks in a week, which totally washed me out.

I find myself thinking am I going to be having one today? Can I see that right?

I feel in limbo, I am scared to plan anything too far from home just in case I have one.

People who don’t have them just think it is a headache… take a pill you will be fine. I am so glad that I have found this web site where hopefully I will find some good friends who understand what I have been going through.

It has been a week since my last one and I have been to the doctors today and he has referred me to a neurologist at the hospital, can’t afford to go private again, so on the waiting list I am.

Thanks for reading

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  • porks
    8 years ago

    Hello firstly “am i going to have one today” an “can i see that right” is somethin i say to myself every day so along with my Twin Sister i know how u feel. Ive suffered Hemeplegic Migraines since i was 4 yrs old an the next one is just as scarey as the last. My Husband says often “u have suffered ur whole life you should be used to it by now” but you never get used to it. he is very supportive i have 3 children an sometimes after working 8 hours comes home and looks after them and me. Im extremely lucky in the fact i have 24 hour support as my twin also suffers an lives next door to me so we look after each other when our partners are at work. My Father suffered Hemoplegic Migraines as well. i have also found that i am also loosing my vision in both eyes and can only put it down to migraines i do hope u feel better soon an know what a struggle daily life can be

  • chezabella author
    8 years ago

    Hi There Melissa,
    Thank you for reading my story.xx Yeah when they say it is just a headache, i feel like thumping them!! I also have alot of people who care for me but i dont think they really know how i feel when having one!

    My boys have grown up with me having them, it was hard when they were younger, but now they are 10 & 8 they can amuse themselfs if i am ill, sometimes i lie down in the bedroom and just lay still till the pills have kicked in then i will come down and sit on the sofa, where the boys will ask… “you ok Mum?” They will even make me a cup of tea.xx
    I know this seems a silly question Melissa, but have you been to see the doctor? What has he said about having them as often as you do? Im going to see a neuroligist in August(abit late i know but im on a waiting list!)
    Please dont worry about what will happen when you have a family, it will all be fine, you will have a loving husband who will already know about your migraines, and you will be fine.xx
    Please try and keep your chin up. I am here if you just want to chat, im a good listener, and dont want you to feel as though you are on your own, Because your NOT! .xx Take

  • Laurie Case Vincent
    8 years ago

    I hope the neurologist can help you. I used to have 25 to 31 migraines every month. I now take Lamactil (Lamotrigine), three tablets twice a day. Now I only get two to three migraines each month. Hopefully this medicine or another daily preventative medicine will help. Also, if you are taking any birth control pills or estrogen, tell your doctor you want to stop taking it. Those medicines can make your migraines much worse and more frequent. Good luck!

  • Laurie Case Vincent
    8 years ago

    It was very difficult at the time because I worked full-time. Are you doing better?

  • Cheryl Keast
    8 years ago

    Hiya Laurie,
    Bloody hell 25 to 31 in a month… oh my, i would have just been in bed all the time. How did you cope with them, do you have children? Im pleased to read that the Lamactil have stopped them becoming so often. We just need a pill that stops them for ever!! I havent taken any birth conrtol pills since 1996, as they gave me a blood clot, so doc took me off them.
    Thanks for the reply and hope you are ok.xx

  • melissadwyer13
    8 years ago

    I too have found this website very helpful, reading other peoples stories and just knowing I’m not alone. I also have heard by way too many people “it’s just a headache” I’m very young (21) and had to take this past year off of college and my friends don’t understand why I can’t go to school or hold down a job “just because I get ‘headaches'”. I suffer daily chronic migraines and get sick to my stomach about 40-60 times every migraine, which is every day or at least 5 times a week. I found this website about two months ago and it has helped me reading others stories, and talking to other people about it, because they’ve been in my shoes, and understand. I have a support system, but even the people who care about me who understand they are more then headaches.. haven’t actual lived through what I have. It’s nice to know others truly can understand my pain, and how much migraines take from our lives.. I am amazed that you deal with this and are still able to be a mother, that is my biggest fear, as I stated I am so young but I do hope to have a family and I worry that if I can’t get a grasp on this how I will be able to do that. Thank you for sharing your story with me!

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