Childhood mystery migraines

I can remember my first migraine hit me about 5yrs old, it was in my right eye and the pain was excruciating but lasted only seconds. And then I would swear I could hear bubbles popping in my head and then it was over. Dr. Said I was have auditory migraines. Boy was he wrong!

Next 39 years the migraines came differently some with auras some just hit me and kept me in bed for several hours, as I got older they changed a little at a time then 4 years ago the eye pain came back, first a build up of pressure in, around the eyeball and facial pressure and pain, then the vessels in my eye dilate and sometimes pop and sometimes they don't but when the pain hits, Oh my gosh it literally knocks me to my knees if I'm standing, it last couple minutes and then gone, but what's the residual?  Deterioration of my eye sight.

Finally, this March I was dx with a variant of ocular migraines and ocular hypertension, and the eye sight deterioration is permanent! But these little migraines switched it up a bit yet again, see they always hit in my right eye and right Templar area but starting in dec 2013 the pressure hit in my left eye but pain came to the right, that kept going thru end of Feb, in March the pressure came to my left eye, the pain to my right eye and Deterioration of my eye sight to both eyes! And I've got a quack for a doctor again, since I'm covered by the VA I've got to flow the docs they send me too and I gotta tell ya it's not so good, my good doc moves to Washington.

Now I'm dealing with these migraines and eye sight deterioration and I for the first time am at a loss, I've got other medical issues and I've come to grips with them and have figured out how to keep myself healthy and keep the ability to work and not get into a deep dark place. But these'new' migraines are dragging me down.


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