Migraines and College Life

Looking back in the past, I never thought that migraines had such a huge impact on my life. Back when I was in high school, I missed 3 months of school straight because I was in and out of the hospital, that's when I knew that my migraines were bad. I've been suffering with them since I was 9 but every timed I told my mom or went to the nurse at school, they thought I just wanted to leave school and sent me back to class. My youth years(middle school years) my doctor thought my period triggered my 'headaches.' But all that is over, time to dwell on the present. My freshman year of college is when my migraines got worse, couldn't go to class, I could barley do any assignment and I couldn't even open my eyes on most days. I was at a prestigious school in my state, like at the top, but my grades drop I had to leave school. Ended up at the community college down the street from the school, grades were going up. Now I'm back in my hometown going to school, migraines or somewhat controllable but that's only because I'm back and forth to the doctor, I practically live there. I moved from the university I was going to, to back home. It's like when I see my friends from school and see how well they're doing and how they under control their life is, I wonder why can't my life be like that, why do I have to suffer and leave. The medicine I was taking at school, it was making me have memory problems so I would forget to set my alarm for class, which made me miss a test on time, luckily I made it up. But why do I have to have this problem anyway, why can't I be like an average 20 year old that's just worried about school, friends and their life. Since I moved back home I barley have a social life and that sucks. Don't let me forget to mention I might can't get my degree because of the simple fact that my grades drop at my first school. Life sucks man, everytime I try to do good, and think that my migraines won't get in the way, they do.

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