Complicated migraine with stroke like symptoms

Last updated: March 2022

My 28 year old daughter was diagnosed with a complicated migraine with stroke like symptoms about four weeks ago. She has a history of migraines since the age of 4 so we experienced many trips to the Emergency Room when she was growing up. Even Imitrex in shot form did nothing to relieve her pain. We are trying to get her into Mayo since she has been a patient there before for Kawasaki's disease and migraines.

She lives 4 1/2 hours from Rochester now so we need a referral and her doctor in the hospital will not give her a referral which we don't understand. The hospital is working with us now so we will see if we can get her in for appointments. This particular week she experienced 3 migraines and was at work when her right eye drooped and her arm and leg lost all function. She is an advanced CNA and work at two different hospitals so it was a blessing in disguise for her to be at work that day. In the ER a spinal was performed and all 4 vials had the same amount of blood in them. They put her in an ambulance and sent her to a hospital about an hour away from her home.

She was in ICU for 4 days and then in a regular room for another 4 days before going home with the same headache and a walker. Her MRI's and CT scans and most of her blood work came back normal. Our family, including me have migraines and my mother has had three brain anuerysms and a stroke so we were/are very concerned to say the least. She is home now with a walker and the same headache. Her right eye came back after the 8th day in the hospital. Her right arm got a little more strength but her right leg still felt like a bag of cement when her doctor released her. Not once did her doctor get her up to watch her try and walk. She had the help of wonderful CNA's, nurses and PT's which told this doctor she could not walk. She is on her 27th day of having a headache and still has some problems with her right leg.

During this experience she also had/has shooting, stabbing pains from the middle of her head all the way down her right side and also some numbness. She did find out her blood work for her thyroid came back a little low. Also she has been receiving B12 shots for 2 years now because her b12 is also low. 6 months prior she had her 2nd child and had a small blood clot near her right ovary which caused extreme pain and problems with her right leg. She also had staph infection which we still have no idea how she got. She was in the hospital 6 days for this.

My question is why won't her headache go away and what are we missing?

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