Dark abyss!

Saturday, your day to sleep in... except it's 3 am and your migraine is back full force. You take some relief medication and lay down on the couch. Trying to rest and hopefully fall asleep. You toss and turn for a few hours until your family gets up. You're still in to much discomfort to make breakfast so they order out. You chat for a bit but you're getting weaker as the throbing, fatigue and sensitivity to the morning sun get stronger. As you lay back down on the couch talking the tingling around your eyes gets stronger making it harder to keep your eyes open. They ask what the plans are for the day and you look at them and they know, nothing involving you. Your migraines have interrupted yet another day with your family. You know they love you... you also know they look disappointed. They want answers and cures for your migraines just as badly as you do. Each day feels longer and longer and it's harder and harder to hide the pain. The medications only seem to ease some of the pain. They only true comfort anymore is sleep... in a nice warm bed in the dark abyss of the blankets.

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