The Day It Started 24/7

I went to my family doctor about 25 years ago and told him I thought I had migraines and he asked me who diagnosed me, I told him my symptoms and made a face of disgust and told me no I didn't told me to take aspirin and so I thought I just had bad headaches. Now that I know more, I know they were migraines. Anyway, I have had headaches so bad at times in the past that I went to the ER on occasion a couple of times and they would run tests and they would just tell me they were sinus pain and send me home with sinus meds.

Anyway, on January 2nd, 2017 at 7:30 pm I was outside with my daughter it was below zero and we had to put air in her tire. I didn't have a heavy coat. I was shivering uncontrollably. I shivered so hard that it felt like something in my head came loose. Eventually the pain level came down a bit. For a month I had a headache that never stopped. I eventually went to my doctor who ordered a CT Scan which showed nothing. She ordered an MRI and referred me to Neurologist. My migraines were 24/7. I'm now on Trokendi XR. It works pretty good however not all the way.

About a month ago, I got out of the shower and I realized I had no pain whatsoever in my head at all. For 2 whole minutes, I had no pain or pressure in my head at all. I had no idea that I always have something until those 2 minutes of total nothing. Now I get breakthrough pain at least daily though usually it doesn't last very long though it's starting to last longer and I'm afraid they are going to increase my dosage.
My opinion is that the whole body shiver that I experienced must have kind of vibrated something loose or caused something to rub against something and that if possibly my previous MRI's (before 2017) were studied against these ones now, that could maybe shed light on at least a causation for some type of migraines. I don't know, maybe, couldn't hurt.

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