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Hello my name is Shonie Ross and I have suffered from migraines fro 8 years. When i first started getting them i thought something was seriously wrong with me in my brains.

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I had tests done and nothing was found. They just said you are having a migraine. They gave me two different kind of pills that didn't work. One was Midrin and 800 Motrin. Those migraines were coming two to four times per month. They were so bad I wanted to do anything to make it stop. I couldn't think, see, didn't like light or sound, couldn't go to work or drive. It was horrible.

I stayed at the emergency room, then they gave me another medication called Relpax. It calmed it down but not much. Now i am on Imitrex. That's the only thing that works. But I had to find a way to calm them down as I didn't want to be on meds for life. So besides a lot of stress I was on four different birth controls that triggered migraines.

I calmed myself away from the stress and got off the birth control methods with a permanent fix and my migraines have calmed down tremendously only happening once a month now around my cycle and I take less Imitrex so hopefully one day I will be migraine free.

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