Dear Migraine

Dear Migraine,

It has been 2 1/2 months since you reared your ugly head, making your first unwelcome visit, as I lay in my bed. I didn't see you coming, I woke and you were just there. I assumed it was for a short visit; but you are still here. I don't know how long you think you are staying; I can assure you it has been way to long, so I am telling you to pack your bags, it is time for you to move on. I demand it, no questions to be asked, no more delays, let me show you the way. I did not ask for you to visit, I don’t know why you came, but havoc you have created, and it is now time for you to move on.

The gifts you have brought for me, I now wish to return. Hours of intolerable pain, your little sidekicks to boot, nausea, vomiting,dizziness, I shall not forget blurred vision, just to mention a few. Good lord I dislike all of you, you like to party at the most inconvenience times, please remember for a moment that I do have a life. Wait a minute who am I trying to kid, you don't have any feelings, you’re a bully of sorts. You get your kicks from seeing me curled up in bed, with my black scarf tied so tightly around my head. Blocking out my surrounding, here we go again, just love the sensory over load,
I would have never known, light, smell and sounds, wish I had a remote control, I would turn you off and set myself free, from the torture you force upon me.

Sometimes people around me, may not understand, looking at me I appear to be normal, but within the unwelcome beast does roar. When I say I am having an off day, please respect my words, don’t look at me with frustration, scrunch your shoulders and walk away. Don’t judge me as being lazy, weak or not wanting to work or explore. I can assure you this is further from the truth; I am not using how I feel as an excuse. I too am feeling frustrated and guilty as hell; not being able to go about my day and enjoy the world. So I ask for you to be patient, and shower me with support.

Oh, at last you grant me freedom from your dark dungeon of hell. Two days a week is not enough, I have to ask for more. I have to unleash superwoman, tackling a weeks’ worth of chores, shopping, housework, gardening and so much more, but as quite as a lighten bolt you steal my normalcy away. Go back to where you came from, you are no friend of mine, I’m sick and tired of your shenanigans, it is time for you to go away.

Sincerely Heidi

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