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My Diary ~ 7th of February

I don’t know. I don’t know if I’m fine or not…
I have my exams coming up and I was sitting in a corner practicing maths…

Outta nowhere, my head starts spinning, which I ignore because I thought practicing my maths was more important because I’m not really gifted in it.
After a minute or so,
I’m looking at my book, and my whole brain goes empty.

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I am having that weird brain fog feeling. I forgot what I was doing.
I close the books, I get up, and I start walking around thinking it’ll go away.

That’s when my prodrome starts.
All of my neck muscles start aching and tightening up.
Then, that feeling on the right side of my head, like someone’s putting pins on my face.

I go take a Panadol (paracetamol), knowing that it’s definitely not going to work.
And I sit down. My mom gives me little something to eat, and I gulp it down even with the fierce puking feeling.

Obviously, the paracetamol did not work. The attack started exactly at 6. I sat alone in the bedroom, all lights off, no sound, no smell.

I was there sitting like that for about 5 hours. Then I lay down, and I couldn’t go to sleep. At all.

I was awake the whole night yesterday. I just couldn’t sleep. The “brain” ache won’t go away. But thank god, I’m feeling a bit better today.

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