Does someone else have the same symptoms?

Hi I have migraines since I was 8 years old I'm 40 now and I always know when a migraine is coming with all the symptoms couple weeks ago I when to work and I started feeling sick I when back to my house and my body was felling weak and dizzy my right side off my body feel weak and numb I feel a lots tingling from top to bottom of my right side my I fell on the floor my husband was opening the front door and he found me on the floor crying he take me to the urgen care and I was referred to the closest hospital for stroke simtoms they administer some injections one in my stomach another thru my IV and one thru my veins I start felling something was burning inside my left side of my body And after two day at the hospital with my right side numb and weak

They release me with this explanation the I suffer for a complex migraine and It wasn't a stroke I don't have headache at that time when All this simtoms start showing up I see a neurology and she say My MRI shows spots on my brain but is for the migraine is nothing else bad I been having headaches since I left the hospital 24/7 and dizziness I see a physical therapist because my right side still weak they toll me It is normal I just want to know if someone has the same simtoms.

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