Empathy is Everything

Last updated: June 2022

At age 50, while living in Panama, I was struck down with debilitating migraines. It seemed I was having them every other day lasting around 14 hours with vomiting.

Making moves

Finally, after three years I decided, I must return to the States as the doctors were sympathetic but couldn't offer much help. Finding help was difficult. Imitrex left me on a roller coaster.

Finding something that worked

An 8-week course on mindfulness and meditation for chronic pain has been my go-to remedy with yoga and walking in the evening with a friend. Working with a nutritionist I discovered which foods trigger migraines.

A doctor who cared

I found a headache specialist in the Seattle area who was empathetic. He never made me feel rushed and gave me current information on migraine research. I take Maxalt but I was getting way too many migraines so am off Maxalt for three weeks to see if I can reduce the number. It has worked before.

Where I am today

My doctor retired and I am left with a much younger doctor who apart from offering medications doesn't offer much empathy. I have been taking Aimovig but I am beginning to realize is not working.

A migraine clinic with a holistic team approach would be ideal. Learning to live with migraines has been a life changer but I have managed to adjust and learned to appreciate everything that comes my way.

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