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Progress on Managing Environmental Triggers

Environmental triggers are a challenge for me because I get caught up in something and don't keep track of my surroundings. This can cause an "instant" migraine attack where I could have prevented the attack from occurring. This issue got me thinking about how I can fix the problem myself instead of waiting for something to happen.

Don't complain about it, fix the problem

This is advice from Epicurus himself. If you are unfamiliar with him, here is a link to learn about him ( I needed a tool that monitors my triggers and warns me when they are present. This led to me creating a device based on a DIY electronics board sold by AdaFruit. It has sound and light sensors and can be run with a couple of batteries that can be found almost anywhere.

Current progress

I have a device that will detect white noise and light flicker. Currently, I need to take it out of its bag and turn it on to see if an environment is "trigger-happy." This has already produced dividends as I have been able to get out of areas that I thought were safe for me. The other environmental trigger I have is barometric pressure, a common one for headache sufferers. I will be working on a portable solution for that soon.

Last note

The reason I found the time to be able to do this is that I adopted a "manage migraines first" policy. In following this policy, I have found that I now have more time for the other important aspects of my life instead of nursing a migraine away. It turns out, being a little selfish can help others in the long run.

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