Feel like I'm going to die; wish I would (Migraine plus Bipolar)

I just found this site, and the stories bring tears to my eyes. I'm old (66 years), have had migraines since I was at least 9. I feel like I've tried EVERY treatment and drug to no avail. A couple of years ago, my psychiatrist diagnosed me with Bipolar II and put me on Lithium. It looks like I've had Bipolar II since I was about 19. It's about time they diagnosed it!

I've had many months where I've had headaches 29 out of 30 days. What a way to live a life!

I'm sad and depressed and don't want to keep living like this. I'm a burden to everyone and no fun to be around. Why continue? And now the powers that be want to pull opioids and NSAIDs?? No way. That's the end.

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