Feel like I’m going to die; wish I would (Migraine plus Bipolar)

I just found this site, and the stories bring tears to my eyes. I’m old (66 years), have had migraines since I was at least 9. I feel like I’ve tried EVERY treatment and drug to no avail. A couple of years ago, my psychiatrist diagnosed me with Bipolar II and put me on Lithium. It looks like I’ve had Bipolar II since I was about 19. It’s about time they diagnosed it!

I’ve had many months where I’ve had headaches 29 out of 30 days. What a way to live a life!

I’m sad and depressed and don’t want to keep living like this. I’m a burden to everyone and no fun to be around. Why continue? And now the powers that be want to pull opioids and NSAIDs?? No way. That’s the end.

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  • PeterMarwood
    1 year ago

    Hi SheenaJo,

    I was recently diagnosed with Bipolar II on top of migraines. I have had some success with Trokendi XR to treat both conditions, although obviously we all have different biochemistry. Don’t give up. I am having a hard time coping with this diagnosis, even though I have an outwardly successful life. It’s overwhelming, but I am holding on to the idea that diagnosis does not define me. It doesn’t define you, either. A diagnosis should be a tool to help us improve. I hope you can get there.

  • SheenaJo author
    1 year ago

    I appreciate your response, as well as the others below. I feel so alone and have allowed myself to become isolated. Your comment of “diagnosis does not define me” is very uplifting. It’s a different way of looking at this health mess. I’m not sure how I’ll implement that new viewpoint, but I’ll give it a try!

  • Falcon6
    1 year ago

    Dear SheenaJo,

    Please don’t give up! I am so sorry you have been through so much. I had the same reaction when I found this site. I tried to read some of the stories to my husband to show him what I was dealing with and that I wasn’t alone, but I couldn’t stop crying! You aren’t alone. So many understand what you are living with. If you are able to find a neurologist who specializes in headache/migraine, I would highly recommend it. My experience with family doctors & neurologists who were not specialists versus a neurologist that is a headache specialist was like night and day. Sending you big hugs and lots of love,


  • DonnaFA moderator
    1 year ago

    Hi Falcon6! Thanks for sharing your thoughtful words and gentle support, you’re one of the reasons this community is so awesome :). Sheenajo, in line with Falcon6’s comment, I’d like to share with you a list of Board Certified Headache Specialists. We’re glad you’re here! – Warmly, Donna (Migraine.com team)

  • Falcon6
    1 year ago

    I hate that you have gone through so much! My heart goes out to you. If you are not seeing a headache specialist, please seek one out. It is so frustrating dealing with doctors who do not specialize in our disease. I am hoping that you find the much needed relief that you deserve.

  • Joanna Bodner moderator
    2 years ago

    Dear SheenaJo,

    I am so sorry to hear that you are dealing with this level of pain and frustration due to your migraines and bipolar. Sadly, you are not alone. There are so many in this community that can relate all to well to how you are feeling. In addition to getting support online (including the migraine.com community), we encourage you to get the support that you deserve from in person options such as medical professionals, counselors, therapists and support groups. If you ever feel like giving up, please call this hotline right away 800-273-8255 or chat with them online at suicidepreventionlifeline.org. ​

    Are you happy and feel as though you are working with a good doctor? This article may help you out. – https://migraine.com/blog/why-we-ask-about-your-doctor/ Additionally, do not give up hope for better days ahead! Here are a few articles which may provide you with a bit of hope-

    Wishing you all the best and know we are always here to lend an ear and for support. Joanna (Migraine.com Team)

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